2010 ACP Regional Rural Development Briefings - a series of policy-dialogue meetings on ACP-EU rural development issues

  1. Context of the ACP Regional Briefings

Since 2007, CTA, the EC (DG Development and EuropeAid), the ACP Secretariat and the ACP Group of Ambassadors, the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development (Concord), organise every two months the Brussels Policy Development Briefings, half a day ACP-EU policy-dialogue meetings targeting Brussels based policy makers and the development community. So far 20 Briefings have been held. Their aims are to sensitise, to promote information sharing and to facilitate networking on key rural development issues. In 2010, at the request of the ACP Committee of Ambassadors and the African regional farmer’s organisations, CTA launched the ACP regional Briefings. The ACP regional integration communities and the ACP regional farmer’s organisations and other organisations joined as co-organisers.

2.    Objectives

-       To raise awareness on key development issues in the ACP-EU context in ACP regions and share experiences

-       To increase ACP-EU exchange of information and expertise on development issues by providing updated sources of information on the relevant issues in the regions

-       To facilitate networking amongst development partners and stakeholders

3.   Format

The Briefings usually are two day sessions and consist of three-four panels with 5-6 speakers and a discussant giving different perspectives on the topic discussed. An interactive debate with the audience follows. French and English interpretation is provided during the whole meeting. Preparatory materials and speakers’ presentations are available online and distributed to all participants.

4.    Key features

-       They promote strategic partnerships with the regional organisations (RECs, Regional Farmers organisations) and key ACP, EU, bilateral and international organisations involved in rural development.

-       They bring different perspectives around the table in order to feed a debate

-       They address topical issues and key challenges to ACP rural development and provide the latest results and updates from policy, practice and research;

-       They promote a holistic approach to rural development by covering food security, markets and agribusiness, natural resources management and climate change.

-       They give a prominent role to the ACP farmers’ organisations and ACP regional bodies’ who select the topics of the Briefings.

-       They involve journalists and media specialists.

5.    Audience

-       More than 700 participants coming from 60 countries in the four regions in Africa and the Caribbean in 2010.

-       More than 75 organisations (UN, ACP, EU, international) invited as speakers and discussants representing policy-makers, research, farmers, private sector, etc.

6. Topics

-       They address topical issues and key challenges to ACP rural development and provide the latest results and updates from policy, practice and research;

-       They promote a holistic approach to rural development by covering:

•   Food security and food crisis

•   Trade and development

•   Environment and climate change

•   Aid effectiveness and rural governance

•   Migration and development

•   Health and safety in agriculture

•   Cross-cutting issues: gender, ICTs for development, research, youth

7.    Outputs

Technical material

-       A Report summarising discussions and a Reader providing the key latest available resources online and key reference documents are produced for each topic.

-       Policy Briefs for a wider audience.

-       Reports in French and English, one per Briefing. Reports are sent to the participants in electronic format shortly after the meeting and available online.

-       Readers in French and English providing an overview and highlighting key issues for each topic, along with online resources, additional sources of information, acronyms and glossary.

Information and communication

-       A dedicated Blog both in English and French has been set up with multimedia resources online allowing those not able to participate to view all debates (

For each Briefing the Blog contains:

a) Video materials of the meetings

-       speakers and discussants intervention with power point presentations;

-       debates;

-       video interviews from resource persons;

b) Information resources

-       a selection of online resources and key organisations;

-       a Reader containing an overview of the main issues, along with information resources and glossaries

c) Reports of the meeting

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