Climate change, land acquisition and food security in West Africa

Climate change, land acquisition and food security in West Africa

The Rural Development Briefing in West Africa on “Land access, land acquisitions and rural development: New challenges, new opportunities”  was held in Ouagadougou , Burkina Faso  from the 1st to –the 3rd of November  2010. It discussed the links between climate change, agriculture and food security  in rural areas: Governance and Financing  of climate adaptation; the Land acquisition and its contribution to development and the Promotion of responsible agricultural transnational investments. The target group was more than 120 policy makers from West Africa and other African countries.

 Monday 1st November 2010

Introductory remarks

Jean-Philippe Rapp, Director International Media Forum North-South; Isolina Boto, Manager, CTA Brussels Office; Djibo Bagna, President of ROPPA

Panel 1: Climate change and agriculture: key challenges

What are the links between climate change, agriculture and food security. How climate change affects availability and land allocations, agricultural production and food availability? How increasing climate risks compromise the ability of farmers to produce and invest, and affect the agricultural sector in most African countries?

-New challenges in Climate negotiations for African countries , Célia Gautier, Expert on International Regulations and Public Policies, GRET[Presentation]

-Climate change and the challenges development and food security in West Africa, Dr Mathieu Badolo, Researcher, IAVS [Presentation]

-Low Carbone Development Plan and opportunities for African countries Emmanuel Seck, Programme Manager, ENDATM- Environment and Development[Presentation]

Climate change, food sovereignty and food security

-Food sovereignty and the right to food in the context of food security and increasing pressures on natural resources, Dr. Abdoulaye SOMA, Professor, University of Ouaga II, President FIAN-Burkina

-Linkages between desertification,  climate change, land scarcity and the impacts on food security, Mr. Boubacar CISSE, Regional Coordinator, Africa Programme, UNCCD[Presentation]

-Impact of climate change : experiences form producers in Burkina Faso on livestock and soil regeneration, Omar Ouedraogo, Chargé de communication, Confédération paysanne du Faso/ROPPA

Debate with media and film producers

Panel 2: Land acquisition, agricultural investments and food security

What do we know about land acquisitions? What is their scale and which are the main countries affected? Which are the drivers of the phenomenon? The recent world trends suggest that a massive rise of commercial interest on natural and land resources is occurring. In many countries, this brings an unprecedented pressure on the natural resources and new tensions on the land tenure systems. On the other side, could those investments represent an opportunity to revitalize the agricultural sector of some ACP countries, especially in West Africa? 

-Global Land Acquisition : new challenges for African countries, Isolina Boto, Manager, CTA Brussels Office, [Presentation]

-Large-scale land acquisitions: A set of core principles to address the human rights challenge, Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food (video)

-Land and food security : the producers perspective, Faliry Boly, Secretary General, Syndicat des exploitants agricoles de l’Office du Niger, Sexagon/ROPPA

Climate change and land transactions: challenges and opportunities

-Large-scale land acquisitions to invest in agriculture: trends and key issues, Harris Selod, Senior Economist, Development Economics Group, The World Bank (Unable to attend) [Presentation]

-Linkages between climate change and trends in large-scale land transactions, Dr Madiodio Niasse, Directeur, International land Coalition, ILC [Presentation]

-Widening the dialogue on responsible agricultural transnational investments , André Tioro, Land Expert, ROPPA[Presentation]

 Debate with media and film producers

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  1. Comfort Iyabo Jolayemi says:

    Pls how do I get copies of the papers presented? I was a participant and need the papers. Thank you.

    • admin@cp says:

      Dear Comfort,
      To dowload the presentations and the executive summaries you just have to click on the link “presentation” or “executive summary” that are next to the title of each intervention listed in the article posted.

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